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Weldbond®  is a universal adhesive that bonds most anything! It is non-toxic, nonflammable, free of fumes, has low VOCs, is created without animal by-products and environmentally friendly!

It carries the EcoLogo™ seal of approval – certifying that it is created without the use of formaldehyde, toxic metals or excessive VOCs.

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Weldbond® has a long history and a very loyal following. From time to time we receive emails from customers letting us know how happy they are with Weldbond®. Below is a selection of testimonials that we have received over the years.

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Thank you for an affordable product that actually does what it says it will do!  I've used WeldBond for several years for various needle art projects including needlepoint & crazy quilting.  My most recent project involved upholstering a wooden box with hand embroidered fabric for a group challenge. 

WeldBond was used on the painted box itself & on individual hand embroidered accessories inside.  My project won a first place ribbon & judge's choice award.  WeldBond really made the difference in the finishing!

I have used Weldbond adhesive for years with great success. And in a world in which the Internet lets everyone post an opinion about everything, I have never read anything but glowing reviews of this product by other users.  How many companies have that level of satisfaction? I wish you folks made cars. And computers. And water heaters. And have you ever considered offering health insurance?

Mike, Forth Worth, Texas, U.S.A.


I am a 70 year old lady who has done crafts all my life and this is by far the best glue I have ever used.

Eudean, Brandon, Florida, U.S.A.


Hi, I've been using Weldbond® exclusively for years for woodworking. Recently, however, while pruning my backyard trees I noticed some of last years remaining branches were showing signs of rot.  One sunny day while pruning I decided, using an old toothbrush, to paint the cutoff section with full strength Weldbond® to seal the branch.  Despite rain and frost I still have a nice hard finish to keep out rain and insects.

Ken, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


I have used your product for at least 10 years now.  I have told everyone I know, especially other home-owners about Weldbond®.  I made by first and only purchase of a large container at a Home Depot in Brunswick, GA.  They no longer stock it. As a result, I have guarded my original container with my life! I use clear wrap on the top threads before replacing the cap so that it doesn't dry out.  .... PS: (a competitor we don't wish to mention) is way over the top (literally) as it's difficult to measure/approximate for a particular job.  Not the case with your product. Thanks.

Tom, Savannah, GA, U.S.A.


As a student in a design program I have to make models of many things and in many ways, I also have a love dor doing odd crafts. I've tried many different glues and a wide variety of glue types for everything but nothing works as good as Weldbond®! Everyone in my program at school informs in the first years that Weldbond® is the glue to have! It works for everything we make and provides enough time to shift things around into position. As soon as it's held in place for 3 seconds, it stays!

Work has never been easier than with Weldbond® and I highly recommend it to everyone for everything. I've even found that if I add a small amount of water to it, I can place a large amount in a tray and leave it out for a large number of people to share, for a long period of time - without it getting dry.

Way-to-go, people of Weldbond®! You truly are glue-heroes and heroines!

Kate, Halifax, NS, Canada


Since I began using Weldbond in about 2000 it has NEVER failed me.  And I have never found a reason to purchase any other type of glue for any application. In other words, it is the perfect item for every household to have available in their homes.  And if they are a single parent home it is even more useful than they might realize.  It should be advertised as the only glue that a householder/handy man/ crafter/builder/etc needs to have at hand.
Judy, Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia


By the way, I'm a big proponent of Weldbond and will steer customers to it whenever possible. Thank you for such a great product.
Stan, Pleasant Hill, CA, USA


I can't remember when I first started using Weldbond® Glue but it has been many years. When I saw how a friend had poured a concrete slab, using Weldbond®, over an unlevel slab, to level out the area, I decided that I would use it on all my furniture that I make as well as other little jobs around the house. I've wasted many dollars on miracle glues trying to repair items for sale at the local thrift shop which raises money for our Medical Clinic until I started to use Weldbond® which seems to handle anything that needs putting back together. At this moment, as a volunteer,  I am repairing an old doll house which was a mess when I received it. I like the fact that an elastic band or cello tape is enough pressure to hold two surfaces together while Weldbond cures. One just can't get clamps to hold every shape. Thanks for a great product.
Roy, Pender Island, BC, CANADA


Anytime I've used Weldbond® in an assortment of applications, it has stood up amazingly well over time, and I've found that there aren't many products that serve so well on a long-term basis. I wish your company, and Weldbond users, continued success.
Chris, Toronto, ON, CANADA


To me Weldbond® is the miracle substance. I could take you on a tour of this old house and point out something in every room that has been mended by Weldbond®. Why haven't you taken over the glue market?
C.B. Turner, Santa Rosa, CAL, US


Weldbond is the best adhesive I have ever come across. At last, perfect bonding, colorless and quick drying.
R.N. Myerson, Victoria, AUSTRALIA


I have used many kinds of adhesives and never had one that was such an all-round adhesive. To me, it's the greatest.
Thomas, Red Deer, AB, CANADA