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Weldbond®  is a universal adhesive that bonds most anything! It is non-toxic, nonflammable, free of fumes, has low VOCs, is created without animal by-products and environmentally friendly!

It carries the EcoLogo™ seal of approval – certifying that it is created without the use of formaldehyde, toxic metals or excessive VOCs.

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Weldbond® universal adhesive is available in many different sizes and formats to suit your individual project needs.  You can find Weldbond® products in easy to use bottles or tubes.

Weldbond available in NEW Formats!

3L / 101 fl.oz. | 420 ml / 14.2 oz | 160 ml / 5.4 oz | 60 ml / 2 fl.oz.

 Dries Clear * Free of Fumes * Flexible Bond * Low VOCs * Non-Toxic * Environmentally Friendly